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Find your Passion - Succeeding in Fitness

Yesterday I was meeting with a professional from a different part of the health, wellness, fitness industry who mentioned her gym membership(s) going to waste. Her story may be familiar to some of you, so I thought I would share it, and offer some of my personal tips to stave off similar circumstance.

She is currently a member at 2 different gyms, and goes to neither. She continues to claim she will go, and laments the fact that she has to. This is an all too common occurrence, but one that can be fixed.

Find a passion. Sounds simple but elusive, I know. In order to exercise, most of us need to be motivated to go. In order to be motivated, we have to 'want' to be doing that activity. If we already have an activity we are passionate about and enjoy, and we just aren't attending, that is different. That comes down to breaking the rut; re-establishing a routine.

Setting a consistent week to week schedule that is what I like to call - 'sacred time', (time that is unin…

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